Saturday, March 31, 2012

Organize Your Notes in an Aesthetic Way! - Hands-on of iOS app 'Paper'

Many of us nowadays have a tablet, either just for fun or for getting some serious work done. iPad from Apple is for sure the most popular choice for a tablet. I personally own an iPad 2 and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I use it for some casual readings before going to bed and sometimes for reading the lecture notes if I forgot to print. On the airplane, I can play some small lovely games to kill my time. Many people use iPad as a traditional notepad as well, for keeping their life organized. There are many apps out there that could simulate quite well like a real notepad. Today, I am going to introduce one of them, which is called "Paper".


IMG 0144

One thing I like about Paper is that besides the regular features that other similar apps have, it has a more uniquely designed interface, which makes the note drawing more pleasant. Oh, did I mention that this app is free?

Okay, the Very First Blog..

Hi, I am Cosmo Huang, currently a university student in my final year.

Having stayed in Singapore for more than five years, I find this city is really great for a digital zealot like me. Many people, from secondary school students to retired elderly people, are into this tech mania. They are changing their phones frequently, following the latest tech news, or bringing their DSLRs to shoot around the island. I could see all kinds of digital gadgets in the street, on the train and almost everywhere else. Every year there will be several IT shows that put up great deals and they never fail to attract a huge wave of people to come. Simply put, here is for sure a city that embraces the technology.