Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Few More Photos Taken by Sony SEL1018

After last time I posted some photos taken by this little beauty, Sony SEL1018, I have been asked to upload more photos to see how this lens performs in daily use. I took the lens back when I travelled back home during Chinese new year. But the weather was pretty awful, so that I really don't have many chances to shoot with the lens. I was back in Singapore yesterday morning and today I brought the lens to take a few more photos before I return the lens. 


This is the photo I took back in China. As you can see the smog/haze was pretty bad, it is really not a good time to take any landscape photos. 

Today's photos are at friend's place. SEL1018 is a great lens for interior design too!


The wide angle lens creates a sense of space and includes the whole layout in one single frame.


Kids are having fun downstairs. I was taking the photo from 2nd storey but the lens is still able to capture the whole courtyard。

DSC06715 Edit

SEL1018 can shoot portraits as well, with careful framing though. Legs will look really slim and long due to the distortion at the edge. But remember to always place the face near the centre of the photo so as to avoid the distortion.

In short, Sony SEL1018 is very versatile and can be used in various situations such as landscape, indoor pictures and even portraits. Of course, whether the lens is sufficient for daily use still depends on individual's preferences and habits.

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