Thursday, February 21, 2013

Google Glass: Bringing You the View into Future

Innovation has always stayed at the center of Google. You may previously happen to know about its project on driverless car. That is probably still distant from being deployed by the masses. However, Google just brought its latest project to the public (Okay, or a lucky few!). It is the Google Glass. Below is a Youtube video released by Google, demonstrating how it is used. 

As you can see from the video, Google glass can help you take photos, record videos and share them, navigate the road, send messages, translate the voice and of course the fundamental feature of Google: search. Unlike smartphones where you may need to press buttons here and there, these tasks are done completely hands-free. As Google said, more features are under development. So more surprises may come along the way. In addition, many videos taken by Google Glass are about sports, I guess it's a great challenge to the sports camera GoPro as well. 

One thing I feel a little strange is that the instruction has to be given by voice like this: "Ok, Glass, take a picture". It would be great if Google Glass can detect and recognize eyes' movements. Let's say, when you quickly blink twice, the Glass will take a picture for you (I admit that the inspiration comes from Mission Impossible 4 :P). Or automatically turn itself off if you close your eyes for 5 minutes. Making the Glass really smart would be Google's next point on its development agenda. 

To get some hands-on, you have to submit an application to Google and live in United States. Not only that, you need to pay $1500 if you are selected to be one of the 8000 lucky applicants. 

To me, Google Glass looks like something coming from scientific fiction movies, though it still has a lot more to catch up. No matter whether you find it really useful or think it's just another tech gimmick, it certainly changes the way we think about technology and you may see how technology is embedded in our daily life now.

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