Sunday, March 17, 2013

BigWebStats: Check Out How Well Your Website Performs

As a blogger who runs a website from day to day, monitoring the traffic and other statistics of the blog is essential for me. I personally use Google Analytics for this purpose, as most of other bloggers do. However, I was asked to give a try on this web service: BigWebStats. So I had a look on it and it is pretty easy and great to use!

The website interface is clear. All you have to do is to input the URL you are interested in: it could be your own website, or any website you want to check out the performance. 

Screen Shot 2013 03 17 at 9 10 47 AM

So I input (Why not Cosmo Techno? Since my site is still growing, I don't want to be embarrassed by the minimal stats, haha :P)

Screen Shot 2013 03 17 at 9 49 50 AM

BigWebStats provides quite a range of statistics. The traffic information is from Alexa, such as daily traffic rank, page views, etc. 

Screen Shot 2013 03 17 at 9 50 48 AM

The one I like the most is that it indicates the social impact of the website in the section Social Buzz. It shows how many Facebook likes the website has received, how many Google +1s and Twitter's back links, and even the latest tweets. 

On the bottom right of each section, there is a Learn more button to explain what the section is about and also gives suggestions on how to improve the metrics.

Overall, it's a good web service to check out the website performance at a glance. Though it is not as detailed as Google Analytics (obviously because it doesn't implement any code in your website), it still gives a general guidance on how things can be improved to generate more traffic.    

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