Monday, March 18, 2013

Sony RX1 3rd Party Lens Hood and Batteries

Since I've got my RX1, I have been looking for accessories to doll it up. I bought an orange soft button a few weeks ago but heck, it was lost because I didn't screw it on properly. I will have to go down to the shop again for that.. Meanwhile, because the original lens hood produced by Sony is too expensive (S$249!!!), I ordered a 3rd party lens hood from a HK vendor on eBay. Along with that I bought a battery package that includes two 3rd party batteries for RX1 and an external charger. Hopefully that will help the camera perform throughout the day. 


Back to the lens hood, it is a 'screw on' type, it is screwing on the thread of my UV filter. After the lens hood is mounted, the lens cap is still able to be put on.  



The battery package looks a bit cheap and dodgy..But you really can't ask for more for products worth about only 20 dollars. I've not yet tested the performance of the battery. I will update that once I have run the field test.

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