Saturday, March 2, 2013

Typesetter: Add Text to Your Photos

If you are obsessed with sharing photos on the go , you may sometimes find yourself in the need of adding text to the photo. Today I am introducing a great app that helps you on this. It is called 'Typesetter'.

The functionality of this app is straightforward, adding text on the photo. It provides some customization so that your ordinary photo could turn into some really artistic piece of work! Oh did I mention that it's free of charge? 

 2013 03 02 18 00 01

Upon the launch screen, you could see a few sample photos that this app has produced. You can opt for taking a new photo or choosing an existing one to start your workflow.

2013 03 02 18 00 19

So I chose the picture I took on the way home. A quite normal one, I admit. The instruction is pretty clear. There are alignment and size options below. By tapping the top left corner, you can add more text boxes in the photo. At the bottom, there are some mobile ads, I guess that's something I can live with since it's a free app.

2013 03 02 18 00 49

So I typed in..Sunny Saturday. The text seems not very outstanding in the picture.

2013 03 02 18 01 28

Using the arrow buttons below, you can navigate in the tool panel. Typesetter offers a few nice fonts for you to choose from. So I changed it to some curlicue and dragged the text down a bit, looks better? hmmm, but not good enough.

2013 03 02 18 01 49

As going through the control panel, I found that I can change the font colour too! The blur button will make the photo in the background more blurry. Now the text starts to stand out!

2013 03 02 18 02 26

The app also has a few filters to use. I applied the half-transparent circle. I guess I am done!

2013 03 02 18 03 09

The best part comes. You can save the photo in your phone or share it online using Facebook. What's more, you can directly open your work in the Instagram, and apply the Instagram filters to make the photo even more interesting!

2013 03 02 18 03 19

The photo looks really good with the filter Rise.

2013 03 02 18 03 42

That's my final piece! Isn't it much better than the original one? 


A few comments before I end this post. 

Typesetter's workflow is simple and the app is really easy to use. It can be used as a sidekick for Instagram which I believe many Instagram pros will love to use. 

Fonts offered are genuinely nice but it is always better to see more variety coming! I believe it's just a matter of time. In addition, I love the blur function provided, it makes the text more outstanding. 

The app is not optimized for iPhone 5, there are blank space left on the top and below. It doesn't affect much though.

So if you are into iPhone photography and want some good customization, don't wait! Download the app now and start to create your own piece of art!

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