Sunday, May 12, 2013

Get Yourself A Stylish Camera Bag! ZKIN Champ Hands on

I have long been looking for a decent camera bag. There are an awful lot of options out there in the market but most of them only address the functionality, not the appearance. In a camera bag shop, it is most common to see a bunch of black nylon/canvas bags without any design element. They may be capable of carrying many cameras and lenses at once, but for sure they are not the bag that I even want to carry out. 

Then ZKIN came to my attention. It is a Hong Kong brand offering various lines of camera bags. As now I don't really use DSLRs, what I need is a camera bag that can accommodate my two cameras, Sony NEX-5 and RX1. So, I ordered this Champ bag. 


The Champ bag is of some vintage design. It has three available colours. The one I got is Navy Grey.


The bag top is made by genuine leather with special finish, but it is still prone to water splash as the stain could be left on the surface. The brand name is embossed at the cover. The rest of the bag is made of grey canvas, which is more durable.


The shoulder pad is detachable, it offers a lot of cushion so that the weight does not hurt the shoulder.


There is a zip pocket at the back of the Champ bag. Even the zip is well designed.


Opening the cover, it is actually attached by a small piece of leather so that the cover does not completely flip over. Therefore the leather is less likely to be worn out.



Inside the bag, it is similar to other camera bags, there is a camera insert to accommodate the cameras and lenses. It can be taken out if you want to use the bag as a normal bag. The Velcro partition can be easily adjusted as well. 


After the insert is taken out, there is one compartment for laptop or other documents. 


My NEX-5N and lenses can be nicely snugged into the bag, while still having some rooms for small accessories and other stuff such as wallet and notebooks. I would say it is most suitable for mirror-less cameras. If you want to use the bag for for DSLR, it may fit up to one camera body and two lenses.

XTJ 5039 TJ

This ZKIN Champ bag in action!

In all, ZKIN Champ bag is of excellent built quality, which is not any inferior to the classic camera brand, Billingham. If you are in the market for a good-looking camera with decent functionality, ZKIN could be one of them on your list. 

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