Monday, June 17, 2013

Swim with Your Beats On! Sony Waterproof Walkman NWZ-W273

Swimming is fun, but could sometimes be dull as well. You can't watch your favourite TV show on Youtube, or even just listen to some light music. Luckily technology nowadays has enabled us at least to enjoy some music while taking a dive in the water. This is Sony's latest wearable walkman NWZ-W273. 


This is actually the second generation of this line. The previous generation offers similar design and water-resistant functionality, however, it's only splash proof, meaning that you still can't swim with it. The latest NWZ-W273 just upgraded the storage and more importantly, it offers waterproof up to depth of 2 meters! 


The Walkman itself looks like a sports headphone, but its chip hides inside the module near the ear. Printed on one module is Sony's logo and the other is Walkman's. 


All the controls are at the bottom of two ear pieces. The buttons, however, are a bit lack in feedback so you may find it hard to press. The ear plug snug pretty fit in my ears. It also comes with 4 different sizes of ear plugs so I am sure you will find one that fits you the best. 


The power button is on the side of right ear piece. To switch on the MP3, press it for 3 seconds until the green light is on. The switch beside is a power button lock so that it won't be accidentally put on.


By slotting the MP3 in the stand, it can be charged or connected to the computer for music transferring. Pretty cool!


This is how it looks like when I wear it.. It's quite comfortable wearing it. By the way, bright pinky actually looks not that bad :p

It has 4GB internal storage and I believe that is sufficient for an MP3 used in workout. The sound quality is not so bad given the fact that it's selling point is about waterproof and wearable sports MP3. It can be easily cleaned with some flowing water from the tap. One thing to notice that is you have to use the best fit ear plug when you swim. It is because that if the ear plug is too loose, the water will come in between the ear and the MP3 and affect the sound reception.

In short, Sony NWZ-W273 is a great MP3 for exercise and one of the few that can actually accompany you when you are in the pool. If you are in the market for getting a sports MP3 or even sports earphones, this Walkman piece is worth the money. Oh, did I mention its retail price is only 129 SGD? Also do share with me if you have any other alternative MP3 for workout / swimming in the comment!

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