About Myself
Hi, my name is Cosmo Huang and I have been a gadget fan for many years. I love playing with any kinds of digital devices, such as smartphones, tablet, cameras, headphones, etc. Technology is something I am passionate about, too, for example, social network, digital service and so on. 

Gadgets and technology nowadays are not just an add-on to your life but a huge and indispensable part of it. Imagine you live one day without your smartphone or a week that you don't talk to your friends on Facebook? We are exposed to a world that is with advanced technology and indeed it is deep in our lifestyle. 

Gadgets can be cool, but not necessarily complicated. If you are deciding which phone to use, which camera to buy and follow some technology big buzz around the world, this is the blog you want to read! This is a blog where I will share about my digital lifestyle, including photography, gadgets, accessories, fashion, thoughts on recent tech news and many more! The good thing about this blog is that it is very personal, and real life. You don't have to go through all the dull details of a thorough technical review (not saying it is not good), before you decide to buy a phone or something. I am a normal consumer and user just like you guys and hope my personal experience will provide some inspiration to your life too!

About Product Review

I usually review the products that I personally own, because I believe that delivers my true feelings and opinions towards them when I get to use them from time to time. However, I don't have the capacity to buy all the cool new stuff whenever they are out and I believe many readers would still be keen to hear my thoughts on the new toy. 

So what I want to say is, if you are a company that produces those product: smartphones, tablet, computers, headphones, cameras, lenses, accessories for those gadgets or anything that you think is related to this blog, please feel free to send me a sample of the product and I will be more than happy to run a review for them! Please contact me using the email I provided at the bottom and we'll see how it works. 


As I may run the review for some products that are provided by the company, that does not mean I am paid to feature the review. My review will still remain objective and express my genuine opinions of the review product. If something is sponsored or given as a gift, I would indicate that in the post so that you'll know the background of the post. In short, the whole purpose of this blog is to share my passion about the gadgets and recommend you the gadgets I love, but not to sell you something simply because I got paid to do so. 


All photos in this blog belong to me, unless stated otherwise. As you can see, I usually don't stamp any watermark on the photo, please feel free to use them for non-commercial purpose but please indicate its source. Thank you!


You can reach me through Email: I am happy to talk to you and share more about the blog. I'll try to reply everyone's email but please expect some delays since I have my daily jobs to do, too. :)


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